Letters to the Editor: June 23, 2020

Call-out to TMT supporters

At 10 a.m. on July 14 at the Hawaii County Council Chambers in Hilo, there will be another hearing with the Board of Ethics surrounding the lack of enforcement, and equal application of the law, in response to our formal complaint filed via writ of mandamus on Jan. 16.


It is a plea for our Hawaii leaders and supporting organizations, to apply their own laws and the “rule of law” equally and fairly to everyone without prejudice.

As many are aware: the public access road to the Maunakea that was paid for by all taxpayers was blocked, shut down, and access denied, to all Hawaii residents, tour groups, and tourists, for the soul purpose of forbidding a legally permitted project (Thirty Meter Telescope or TMT), from being built.

If everyone in Hawaii does not fall under the same legal system, with the same laws being fairly implemented, then it is the responsibility of our state and county leaders to advise the same to all Hawaii residents, and to outsiders who are contemplating either moving to or doing business here in Hawaii.

If equal opportunity, liberty and justice for all is unattainable in Hawaii, then it is imperative that the world knows that.

If you feel your constitutional and civil rights were compromised during the time of the illegal protesting, then please come and share your three minute testimony with the board. This may be the last hearing before the board passes down its final decision as to whether they will hold those responsible accountable.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Lisa Malakaua and Mike Nathaniel


Use a little bit of logic at the polls

Ms. Whitehawk says President Donald Trump “takes absolutely no responsibility for anything he says, does, or writes.” Must I remind you, Cindy, that this is the same president who has negotiated international trade deals to favor America, brought (and will bring more) jobs back from other countries to our mainland, has never said a single racist comment, has never “colluded with the Russians,” has turned a failing economy into a booming triumph which benefits the entire world, has donated his entire salary to a good cause, has reduced unemployment to rates unheard of in the last reign of Democratic (or even recent Republican) presidents, and reduced the number of food stamp users? Our military is the strongest it’s ever been. Illegal immigrations are way down in numbers so this means we taxpayers benefit in many ways.

Personally, I’m glad we have a hardworking businessman for president instead of a community activist or any other individual who has displayed that he wanted to be president so he could take his family to foreign lands while being paid by taxpayers and played more golf than any president ever.

He is busy taking care of America. He’s working hard. He doesn’t drink or smoke, and you’re quibbling about a phrase which a letter writer uses? Please use a little bit of logic when you go to the polls and not the hate you feel personally. Your petty dislike for Trump has distorted the true nature of what our president is actually doing.

Barry Willis


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