Letters to the Editor: July 3, 2020

Take your own logic medicine

If I were to write a character for a play, and I had him say in his dialogue phrases such as “Must I remind you” and “Use a little bit of logic” to someone he disagrees with (as in Barry Willis’ letter on Tuesday, June 23), you might comprehend that this character is arrogant and condescending. If I had him use easily debunked propagandistic “facts” about Trump’s accomplishments, you will surmise that this character is loyal to the point of blindness to his idol’s faults. If you add in his dialogue, a reference to Obama’s travel expenses, especially his golf trips, and not even compare that to Trump’s, which not only exceeds Obama’s, but also enriches the Trump business, then you do get a sense that this character is not applying logic as he implores others to do. I can imagine that he will not respond with calm to this critique, but if he miraculously does, I would hope that he will take his own medicine and apply logic, fact-checking, and self-reflection in examining his conclusions about his idol. Since I am the playwright, that would be the happy ending I would write.


Diane Aoki


Thinking ahead

If Ironman is to be held in February, it will be during our “snowbird” season, and our athletes will have an almost impossible task finding accommodation.

I wonder whether it would be possible to create an “Athlete’s Village” of some kind. Building could start now, and would provide basic living conditions for a large number of the incoming crowd. After Ironman, this facility could be used to help house our homeless, or less advantaged population.

Judith Orlopp


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