Letters to the Editor: July 15, 2020

We owe these teachers

Here we are in a situation we in Hawaii only saw happening to other places, not Hawaii, but here we are.


I’ve seen shade tents lining the beaches and idiots holding signs protesting mask and the quarantine.

We now have a problem that this state has created, that problem is a huge lack of school teachers. This state has ignored the needs of teachers, we have under paid their worth, and forced them to use what little money they live on to buy supplies for the classroom. We undervalue them and now want them to risk their life and take on extra hours. They will be taking on a whole new way of teaching rotating from classrooms to computers this means not only putting their life in the line of fire (COVID) but many more working hours added.

Is it worth it to the teachers? I say no, and if I was a teacher, I would not go back into the classroom. Luckily, for us our teachers still put the kids first. I had a chance to talk to an elementary school teacher and she explained how they planned to bring the students back and it is not going to be easy yet she was enthusiastic about getting the children back in class.

We owe these teachers so much for what they do and what they have to put up with, And we should also be ashamed at how we have treated the whole school system from over-heated classrooms to teachers buying supplies. Think about it: The only reason we can get our schools open is because of the dedication our teachers have to their students. We must remember these heroes when we are back to whatever normal will be like. If we don’t it will come back to bite us in the okole.

Paul Santos

Ocean View

5G should not go through

Our County Council members voted 8-1 to support the resolution 678-20, which stops the build-out of 5G until independent research is done to make sure it’s safe. I’d like to send so much mahalo to those council members.

This same resolution is coming up for another vote on July 22. This letter is asking all Big Island residents to email our county council members requesting that they again support the resolution 678-20 and stop the rollout of 5G.

If we don’t know how it will affect the island we live on, 5G should not go through.

If you agree, please send an email to: CouncilTestimony@HawaiiCounty.gov. Your subject line should read: Support 678-20 Resolution.

It is important that your email include your concerns for the environment. There is a law that disregards human health in relation to 5G, which is appalling in my opinion.

However, let’s follow the correct actions to stop 5G in our community. Make sure your email describes your concerns for the environment.

Much mahalo to all Big Island residents that take the time to send an email, or show up live on July 22 to submit your testimony in person.

Maui stopped the rollout of 5G. Big Island can do the same.

Michelle Melendez


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