Letters to the Editor: July 22, 2020

Face mask legislation necessary to change course

I was a cofounder of Hawaii Emergency Physicians Associated in 1971 and spent the majority of my 30-year emergency medicine career at Hilo Hospital. I want to mention an incident that happened many years ago regarding the seat belt law that has some bearing on the current pandemic and face mask use.


Two young, local men were brought in by EMS at about 1 a.m. after crashing their car into a tree. They appeared to be not badly hurt but the paramedics said the car was destroyed in the crash. When I questioned them during the exam, they said that they were saved by their seat belts. They had never before used seat belts but because the law went into effect at midnight they decided they’d better put them on. They were saved from critical injury and death because of the new law.

We will never change the course of the COVID-19 pandemic until face coverings are required by laws at the state and federal levels.

Fred Holschuh, MD


Over-the-counter permits

There are several externalities to the amendment (to Bill 179) by councilwoman Sue Lee Loy. Nonstructural alterations, such as inserting an appliance into an opening are exempted from code review by the model code. Running a new electrical line to the appliance requires an electrical permit so is not exempt. Eliminating a required egress window from a sleeping area is a violation of both common sense and the code. Also undermining the structural integrity of a wall is a violation.

Another issue is why should such a permit require a week for review? Any time a permit that could be issued over-the-counter it serves the customer better by cutting his required visits in half. Any time an application is taken in, it requires a minimum of 300% the staff time. The City of Portland had both a Permit Center and a Homeowner’s Night that made every effort to have staff qualified to review and approve permit applications as expeditiously as possible.

Dick Sanford

Retired building inspector and plans examiner


Don’t be bought out

Support Resolution 678-20 because 5G is harmful to the environment … there will be a disruption of bees, birds and other pollinators, trees, plants soil and wireless radiation damage to the environment. Our land, environment and critters cannot tolerate any more stress along with the poisons like Roundup being used — we do not want our aina to be radiated. Please do not be bought out by these companies that are clearly out to just make money.

Juhl Rayne

South Kona

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