Letters to the Editor: July 28, 2020

Here we go again

Check out the County of Hawaii 5G Resolution 678-20 on 5G that calls for the cessation of the build out of 5G until such technologies have been proven through independent research and testing to be safe for human health and the environment. Why is it that Tim Richards was the only one council person that voted “no” on this resolution? It seeks to keep all people’s health and the wellness of our environment as the first priority of government and was supported by many testimonies on both sides of the island.


I thought that our representative should represent the welfare and will of the people. Tim Richards comments in the West Hawaii Today that the county could look into scraping all cellular infrastructure on the island and instead invest in a fiber optic network makes no sense. The county does not own the cellular infrastructure nor does it have the money to build a fiber optic network.

Yes, Mr. Richards you have made the point that you are different. If the county had that money, we should prefer another road out of Waikoloa Village.

Leslie Iijima


Not thought through

The state of Hawaii, are islands. Should be very easy to control the virus. Now that it has not been thought through correctly, people and businesses have been ruined.

Why did you not test everyone getting off the airplanes? Make them wait in quarantine for the 5 to 15 minutes, or around here, up to three days. If cost is a factor, add $100 on every ticket coming from the mainland. Having people on GPS trackers and harassing phone calls is very un-American.

You make people sit in their room, no exercise, eating too much from boredom, drinking, doing drugs, etc., with depression, loneliness, and anxiety. How can this be healthy? Wear a mask, don’t sneeze or cough near people, wash your hands. These rules will also help in flu season.

David Bertuleit


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