Letters to the Editor: July 30, 2020

Obstructing projects, upgrades will have harmful economic impacts

Leslie Iijima’s recent letter to the editor regarding the 5G wireless resolution approved by Hawaii County Council was way off the mark. I watched the public testimony during the committee, and full council vote, on this resolution. The testimony largely skewed toward facts supported by conspiracy theories.


For example, one of the testifiers stated Japan has banned 5G wireless in their country, which is false. The testifiers also urged that “safer” fiber-optic connections be utilized instead. This is a very costly endeavor here. There is simply no viable return on investment for Hawaiian Telcom, and Spectrum, unless the infrastructure cost is subsidized by the FCC.

Mr. Iijima also criticized Councilman Tim Richards for not taking into account the health and safety of his constituents. If he bothered to listen to what he stated during the full council vote, he wouldn’t have come to conclusion. Mr. Richards acknowledged there may be health risks with cellular phones. He state this resolution didn’t go far enough to address the apparent health concerns. Why just stop 5G when there is possible health concerns with all cellular phones?

This recently approved resolution is in a long string of anti-science, anti-big business, actions taken by local government, and populace, as of late. Obstructing the Thirty Meter Telescope project and 5G wireless upgrades will have harmful economic impacts on the future of this island.

Aaron Stene


Get off the backs of the hardworking people

With everyone suffering due to the virus, it seems that the state wants to add to the misery of the common people. Now it seems that short-term vacation rentals on land zoned for agriculture are in question. Why can’t the state just get off the backs of the hardworking people?

This issue has already been cleared up by Hawaii County. Please leave us alone state land use people. Things have never been worse here but our state government now wants to beat up on the hardworking farmer. If someone wants to earn a few extra bucks by renting out there farm dwelling, what’s the harm? So some out-of-state owner can rent out his place on Alii Drive and cash in but some Hawaii resident farmer can’t? Really? Things like this keep adding up until one day the cup is full and people have had enough. We don’t want Hawaii turning into another Portland with angry people in the streets.

Tombo Lono


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