Letters to the Editor: July 31, 2020

What are they thinking?

I don’t get it with Congress maybe making another round of $1,200 COVID-19 payments to everyone, plus $500 per child. Coupled with a proposed cut in $600 unemployment supplemental payments, what are they thinking?


The pandemic is mostly affecting only certain sectors of the economy. Those suffering are the most vulnerable workers and business owners in the service sector. Why reduce benefits to these folks and keep shoveling money to comfortable retirees like me, and to companies that are busy making profits, and keeping their workers paid?

Oh, a little-noticed goody in this bill is removing a long-standing 50% limitation on deducting business meals. Maybe this is designed to help the suffering restaurant sector, but good luck finding an open restaurant that is safe to enter. Just tax benefits going to business owners who don’t need them.

But, if Congress does as it may, nonprofit community service organizations need to appreciate how many people are getting money they don’t need. Ramp up your appeals to us, please, and make us feel guilty.

Niel Thomas


Conservative voice being censored

We the people of Hawaii should be elated that we do not have the dangerous side of the liberal left running around attacking federal buildings, wanting to kill our police officers and pulling down statues in the name of the BLM movement.

It is with sadness that I read the West Hawaii paper and have to be inundated with the views of that liberal nonsense from our citizens that write that the things that are happening on the mainland can happen here? The things that are happening on the mainland are anything but peaceful, and if that were to occur on the islands it would be put down swiftly. We love our police and respect the jobs they do on our behalf protecting us and our small businesses.

All you have to do is watch the videos of the peaceful protesters with instigators in their groups dropping frozen bottles and cans and tossing them at the police along with fireworks and other destructive items. Starting fires and pointing lasers at the eyes of the police that are protecting federal buildings. Fox had to interrupt a segment just prior to the daily briefing because of the nasty language and threats from this peaceful group of protesters that were stating that they wanted to kill all of them and their families, too.

You have a First Amendment right to say anything you want, but the physical abuse being fostered on our police is way over the top in my book.

The conservative voice is being censored all over the country by a liberal press that wants the current president gone at any and all costs. The more destruction they ferment is in their best interest as the destabilization of everything we the people hold dear will hopefully topple him from office. I have some bad news for those that seek that end. There is a vast educated silent majority that will vote in entirety to keep this America great and out of the hands of the socialist left trying to destroy this country. Lets see if this gets in our hopefully not too liberal paper.

Bob Johnson


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