Letters to the Editor: Aug. 4, 2020

Take his legacy to a new level

Having just witnessed the gathering in remembrance of the late John Lewis, I am feeling hopeful that our crippled country can correct the many problems we face now.


The truthful perspective given by our Hawaiian president Barack Obama was crystal clear in his message — continue to correct the obvious injustices until we are comfortable with our world. Seizing an opportunity to produce change, the word “vote” cannot have more importance.

Hope alone cannot get us out of the self-inflicted mess we are in now. As sad as John Lewis’s passing is, let’s take his legacy to a new level. Greed and lies don’t really cut it. This present administration continues to fail us in every respect.

Steve Snyder


Make Hawaii a wireless 5G-free place

Hawaii is one of most beautiful places on Earth, thriving with life. She is currently in danger of being harmed by the telecommunication companies and their higher frequency 5G towers, which were put-up under the public’s eye during this years lockdown.

What are other governments doing about 5G? In April, the Belgian government halted a 5G test in Brussels over concerns that radiation from the base stations could be harmful. Members of Parliament in the Netherlands called on their government to take a closer look at the safety of 5G.

Mahalo to our County Council for voting 8-1 in favor of a resolution requiring more research to make sure 5G is safe. Still, that resolution states, “The theory that exposure to RF microwave radiation is harmless has now been proven false.” This shows wireless 5G doesn’t belong on Hawaiian Islands.

Many health risks have been associated with wireless 5G including an increased risk of cancer, reproductive problems, neurological impairment in humans, birds and bees, and environmental harm to plants and more.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services continue to suggest to the FCC and Congress the need for cumulative negative effect studies of radio frequency exposure under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Published peer-reviewed science indicates that the current wireless technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G – pose serious health risks on animals and the environment.

Wireless 5G uses a high-frequency millimeter wavelength. Networks using these frequencies require up to 5 times more infrastructure than 3G or 4G. This means more radio waves in the environment and more harm.

Let’s make Hawaii a wireless 5G-free place. Please sign a petition showing you value bees, birds, food, the health of our keiki and each other over faster internet. Go to www.5GFreeHawaii.com. Mahalo.

No bees, no food.

Michelle Melendez


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