Letters to the Editor: August 5, 2020

Isn’t it ironic?

Isn’t it ironic that a conservative complaining about the conservative voice being censored is published in the letters to the editor? Or does this actually demonstrate that their viewpoint is incorrect in their basic thesis. Certainly, it is true that we do not have radicals running around in Hawaii attacking federal buildings, shouting kill the cops, or destroying statues of Confederate traitors. Yes, traitors. Those who raise arms against their own country are defined as committing treason.


There have been some wrongs there but let’s not forget the 400 years of wrongs that these statues represented and constantly reminded those of color where their place should remain. Time to change. As to the protesters in Portland being violent anarchist, that is a total fiction, and since FOX faux news was mentioned I would like to point out that those who have done independent fact checking of stories coming from what is now FOX propaganda network tends to be false over 80% of the time. A few of the protesters in Portland have acted out inappropriately, sprayed graffiti on the federal building, the vast majority have been peaceful for over two months. That is until Donald Trump and William Barr sent in their federal storm troopers with the supposed mandate of protecting the federal buildings.

Actual observed events, recorded and documented show otherwise. Protesters, blocks away from the federal building being snatched off the streets by these federal agents. Federal agents leaving the federal building and with no provocation begin to attack the protesters with tear gas, pepper balls, pepper spray, and so called non-lethal projectiles causing severe and possible permanent injury to a few of the protesters. No one called them names at that time. No one threatened them. They threatened the protesters.

This is the reality and not the fiction given by FOX faux news and Breitbart. If you want to know the real truth then you must be open to multiple news sources, even “liberal” newspapers. The conservative voice if it is being censored is because it is a fiction. Bending reality into a fantasy that is not happening. Why do these loyal FOX followers not see that real true strong conservative opinion writers like George Will have left their ranks because they have become so disgusted by the lies, hate, bigotry, and racism now seen every day from the Republican Party. The Lincoln Project, created by former Republicans. Op Ed written by former Republicans. Ask why? Don’t blame the newspaper. After all, they published you didn’t they?

John Pierce


Mail-in voting not responsible

My issues with mail-in voting are: How do you know if your vote gets to the right place, or counted? Do you know if the people voting are registered? Are they old enough? Are they American citizens? Unless you are in the military overseas, on a ship protecting our freedom, maybe in the hospital recovering, you must show up with identification and vote!

You cannot tell me it is unsafe to vote. Go to your nearest Costco, Target, Walmart, in the morning and count how many seniors are standing in line. Elections should be held, voted, and counted within 24 hours. Waiting two weeks for fraudulent votes to come through the mail is not being responsible.

David Bertuleit


Wake up and smell the … plumeria

It just blows my mind to read some of the letters to the paper by people that are either blinded or totally ignorant. They still think Donald Trump is wonderful — despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have died due to his lack of proper action with the epidemic compared to the fast, coordinated actions other countries took, while he is working on dividing the country instead of unifying it. I guess these blinded people would love to live in a country with the Emperor of Trumpistan. So, continue watching Fox News and maybe drink or inject yourself with antiseptics or bleach to prevent COVID-19 like the emperor suggested.

I am so glad to live in Hawaii where we do not have such idiotic, self-important politicians that close their eyes to reality in favor of personal political and financial advantage, and that we have voted by mail without any problems, and that we have minimal racism and a caring public ready to jump in and help when needed.

Wake up and smell the roses — or the plumeria — you misguided people!

Christa Wagner


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