Add delicate color with pink tecoma

  • Pink tecoma trees are often kept low when used as street trees. ( Diana Duff)

  • Part of the charm of the pink tecoma tree is the carpet of spent flowers it lays at its base. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

  • When mature, the seed pods of the pink tecoma split open revealing seeds ready to sail on the wind. ( Diana Duff)

  • Pink tecoma flowers are usually pastel pink with yellow throats. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

  • The natural growth habit of the gorgeous pink tecoma tree is tall and upright. ( Diana Duff)

Many years ago, I bought a beautiful pink tecoma tree at Kona Outdoor Circle’s Pua Plantasia plant sale. Though it had been pruned into a lovely horizontal shape about 5 feet tall, I later discovered that it was naturally a somewhat tall upright tree. The beautiful pink blossoms remain its most attractive feature today years after I let it return to its usual stately growth habit.