Letters to the Editor: September 7, 2020

Quarantine virus hotspots

The virus is spreading. Oahu is locked down again with a stay-at-home order. Hilo is a virus hot spot due to irresponsible behavior. Very serious cases are happening in Hilo. We need protection here in West Hawaii. I ask Mayor Harry Kim to set up road blocks, one in Naalehu, one on Saddle Road, and one in Honokaa and insist all coming from East Hawaii to West Hawaii quarantine the same as anyone flying in.


The Big Island is larger than all the other islands combined therefore if one district is a hotspot, it needs to be quarantined to protect others.

Tombo Lono


Something is wrong

The fear of getting the virus, or of losing a loved one can be insurmountable. I’m sure everyone has dealt with mental anxiety during the past five months. I know I have. However, when you look at the numbers it’s hard not to question things.

In the years 2015-16, the flu took 478 people in the state of Hawaii; 526 people died of the flu in 2017-18 and last year 336 left their ohana due to the flu. This year, COVID has taken 70 people in the state and we’ve been subjected to face masks, social distancing, school and business closures and more. My heart goes out to those who’ve lost loved ones. Still, is it right to close our economy and change our way of life forever for an illness that comes every year?

Our community has dealt with so much and now the state has started contact tracing, which means they can track and detain you against your will. When the State Auditor tries to audit the Department of Health’s contact tracing program and gets blocked by the governor and attorney general, something is wrong!

I feel we need to bring Aloha back to Hawaii! From my experience with the cops on Aug. 29 acting like this is a police state, people need to come together and fast!

There is a Hawaii Freedom Walk every Saturday at 3 p.m. This is not a gathering. If you come, bring a positive sign, wear a mask, social distance. As soon as you arrive, get out of your car and start walking. Maps will be there. Do not gather. Walk in silence. Make it a prayer for those who’ve lost their lives, those who’ve lost their livelihoods and for all of us who miss the Aloha spirit of Hawaii. Learn more www.hawaiifreedomwalk.com

Michelle Melendez


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