Letters to the Editor: October 6, 2020

Explaining the hate

Mr. Tombo Lono asks the question, why all the hate toward President Donald Trump? He goes on to lavish praise on him and his family. At first, I thought it was satire, then I saw that he was serious. Mr. Lono sounds like a sweet man, and genuinely confused about why there’s so much hate toward our current president. Mr. Lono and others, you have chosen to represent Trump, so you have to accept that a lot of people in “blue” Hawaii are angry at him.


They are directing their anger at you, his supporters. They are angry because almost every single day, even before the pandemic, he has given us reasons to be angry. From being elected president despite what he said on tape about grabbing women’s private parts to mishandling the pandemic to the last atrocity about not denouncing white supremacy, and thousands of reasons in between, he has made us angry and ashamed that he is our president. We equate Trump with incompetence, dishonesty, and racism. We hate that.

Diane Aoki


League of Women Voters offers ‘Voter Information Bulletin’

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii County (LWVHC) provides safe options for voter registration and candidate information for the Nov. 3 general election. Visit the LWV’s one-stop website for voter information, VOTE411.org, without ever stepping outside your home. Just type in your address on VOTE411.org to see your personal ballot and candidate responses to questions about your local community.

Voters on the Big Island will also consider 16 Charter Amendments on the ballot. The LWV of Hawaii County has created the Voter Information Bulletin (VIB) with pro and con statements for each of these amendments to help voters make an informed decision.

You can find the VIB and the link to VOTE411.org on the LWVHC’s website at https://my.lwv.org/hawaii/hawaii-county.

Today may seem unpredictable, but the LWV has remained a constant for balance, and trusted for elections for the last century.

You can count on us!

Rosemarie Muller, president

League of Women Voters of Hawaii County

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