Cascading events led to 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption, providing forecast clues

  • People watch from Volcano Golf & Country Club on May 15, 2018. as a plume of ash rises above Kilauea’s summit. (HOLLYN JOHNSON/Tribune-Herald)

  • Helicopter overflight of Kilauea Volcano’s lower East Rift zone on May 19, 2018, as a‘a lava flows emerge from fissures to form channels. (USGS photo/Special to West Hawaii Today)

  • This photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows lava fountaining at a fissure near Pahoa on June 5, 2018. Homes can be seen in the background. (U.S. Geological Survey via AP)

Kilauea Volcano’s 2018 eruption was triggered by a relatively small and rapid change at the volcano after a decade-long build-up of pressure in the upper parts of the volcano, according to a recent study published in Nature Communications by earth scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and U.S. Geological Survey.