Letters to the Editor: January 6, 2021

Anti-social media

This is from the transcript of President Donald Trump’s phone call last Saturday to (Republican) Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, pressuring him to overturn the November election. Trump mentioned “reporting” that showed fraud, but Raffensperger explained that every one of Trump’s social media conspiracy theories about voter fraud in Georgia had been thoroughly investigated:


Raffensperger: “Mr. President, the problem you have with social media, they — people can say anything.”

Trump: “Oh this isn’t social media. This is Trump media.”

Trump media. Not social media. Perhaps we should call it “anti-social media,” or “sociopathic media.” The kind of media that doesn’t care what the Georgia Secretary of State says. Or the Attorney General of the United States. Or every state in the nation that certified its own election results. No, Trump media does not care about what anyone says, except for one man — Trump.

Apparently, the Republican party is split down the middle on how much to enable Trump’s fantasies at the cost of our democratic system. Twelve Republican U.S. Senators and over 100 House members are repeating the president’s lies and will be voting today to throw out the November election and start over. They admit there is no evidence, but say that enough of their constituents believe those lies that they feel it is their responsibility to speak up for those people.

The Republicans who are enabling Trump live in fear that he will turn on them. This is what he does, even to his most loyal supporters who cross him, even once. If they don’t side with him on this attempted coup, he is threatening to support a challenger in their next primary. Apparently, that’s enough of a threat to have these supposed public servants throw the Constitution down the toilet.

Trump media. Every dictator should have one.

Matt Binder



Pandemic not cause of economic collapse

I’d like your readers to consider this alternate explanation of the current “plandemic.”

Our corrupt global economic and currency systems are unraveling. Not only is the public debt unsustainable, but even corporate and private debt are at levels where that debt can never be paid off. It’s a mathematical impossibility. The effects of the collapse, the depression, the austerity, poverty and social disorder is being blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The real cause of the economic collapse is not the pandemic, it is a worthless, unbacked, debt-based currency, bad economic policy, greed and irresponsible conduct by government and central bankers and their belief that they can plunder the world’s workers and business owners decade after decade until everything crashes.

Krisztina Samu



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