My Turn: What’s the real problem?

Are we really faced with a homeless problem or is it in retrospect really a “waywardness” problem that is a retroverted capricious person(s).

Yes we do have a homeless “situation.” But again, in retrospect are we really confronted with “homelessness” people or is this more of a “waywardness” people/problem and should it not take precedent over our homeless problems?


Homelessness is defined as a person without a home or permanent place of residence while waywardness is defined as a person who is disregarding or rejecting what is right or proper. Such wayward persons are willfully disobedient prompted by capriciousness and a wayward impulsive while changing unpredictably and showing erratic behavior.

In other words, I would say that these wayward and capricious souls (people) who are wilfully disobedient, impulsive, unpredictable persons who are most likely to be childish, self-willed, etc., should be looked at as capricious persons — people who are, simply put, wayward and have lost their direction. Out of touch with society.

Instead we are allowing these wayward to roam the streets in their capricious manner when they need to be treated for their mental disorder.

Thought has to be given too treating these wayward souls in hopes of healing or at least bringing solace to these bereaved souls.

In the past there was what was the Pupule House that still stands in Kaneohe, Oahu. Whether it is still in use as a psychopathic ward/mental rehabilitation center or whatever, I don’t know. But shouldn’t we be asking Gov. David Ige or maybe, in particular, Lt. Gov. Dr. Josh Green to become involved in setting up some sort of containment area for these wayward souls? The state is in the process of completing a new $161 million facility for Oahu at Kaneohe but with only 144 beds. That is not even enough beds for Oahu’s problematic waywardness.

The Big Island desperately needs its very own facility to combat its own wayward populous. Being able to treat the wayward will put us two steps closer to getting a handle on our serious homeless problem, as the two go together. Here is one time when politics should not enter the arena. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican whatever and whether you like or not it is our (the peoples) problem for it will defiantly affect many of our families down the road.

Homeless — 1) with out a home 2) persons who lack permanent housing

Waywardness — a person who is 1) disregarding or rejecting what is right or proper: willful; disobedient 2) prompted by caprice; capriciousness; a wayward implies. 3) changing unpredictably; erratic, “wayward.”

Capricious — 1) a sudden, unpredictable change in mind set 2) a tendency to change one’s mind without apparent or adequate motive; whimsicality; capriciousness.


Psychopath — a mentally unstable person, especially one having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one’s action, an absence of empathy for others and often criminal tendencies.

Hugo von Platen Luder is a resident of Holualoa