Letters to the Editor: January 10, 2021

Dog catchers

It’s been since Aug. 1 that our Hawaii Island Humane Society rededicated its work to what they do best: rehabilitating and finding forever homes for animals, and reaching out to our community. They do so as a nonprofit group, established over 50 years ago and supported by numerous local charities and businesses.


The bid for the Hawaii County “dog catcher” was awarded to an entity called “Hawaii Rainbow Rangers.” If your animal has been missing for almost five months, go directly to their facility to look for it. Even animals with a chip (not to mention a collar) are not all being returned to their homes. Be aware that their “grounds” look and smell like the worst dog pound you could imagine. Try not to go after recent rains. Ignore the animals that are kept in airline crates rather than kennels, for lack of space, unless one of them is yours.

Where’s the “rainbow” in a county-funded animal control (your taxes and mine) that is trying to be a clone of what we already have, and isn’t able to offer the very best for our animals?

Susan Rhymes


Mahalo for speaking out

I am not a registered Republican or Democrat. I have been an Independent voter for many years and have voted for candidates from both parties at times.

I, like so many others I know, are appalled at the insurrectionists who invaded our Capitol spurred into action by Donald Trump. I know without any doubt that those who did so do not reflect the majority of Republicans. They were a thug group of Trump supporters for sure.

My fondest hope is that more Republicans will take the stand that Barry Christian did in his “Pray for Peace” letter. If more and more real Republicans will stand up as he has done then maybe our nation can move forward to a more rational time. We cannot and should not support any politicians the likes of Trump ever again if we are to truly make America great again be they Republican or Democrat. How ironic that his mantra for the past four years (MAGA) is the antithesis of what his movement has done.

Mahalo nui loa to you Barry Christian for speaking out.

Dean Springer


Listen to understand

If you listened to President Donald Trump’s speech at Wednesday’s “Save America” rally in Washington, D.C., you’d understand why he admires Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Both of these men are autocrats, and Trump would trash our Constitution to become one. How anyone would follow someone like this is beyond me. Trump is a dangerous man and were it possible, he should be exiled to Russia or North Korea.

Joseph P. Maria



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