Letters to the Editor: January 11, 2021

Isn’t it ironic?

An 8-month-old cow makes the news for being killed off Mana Road and its meat removed. The owners told police the meat was not fit to eat because the cow had been medicated.


The ironies this raises! One, we wonder about what we eat if we haven’t raised or grown it ourselves. We have to trust that food safety officials will protect us. (Such regulation obviously stops short of requiring a notice on the side of every cow “Don’t Eat Yet!”)

Another, what about the people who stole and might eat the meat? Will they be “hoist with his own petard”? (A line from Hamlet, which in general speech has come to mean being undone by one’s own misdeed.)

Yet another, do people do such things out of desperation? Do they not know how hard this community works to feed the hungry? Over 600 a week are given free to people who drive by St. Mary’s in Waimea on Thursdays, one of many food outlets on-island.

Niel Thomas


Dear 2020

What made you awful isn’t over yet. Here in the United States, until a new president is sworn in, the reign of error continues unabated. The sycophants suggesting martial law cannot even spell it. Pardons are being handed out like kisses at the world’s most expensive kissing. Over 50 countries still ban incoming U. S. travelers, and you know, given how irresponsible my fellow citizens have acted throughout the length of your reign, 2020, who can blame them?

2020, you have blurred the line between natural disaster and man-made disaster. Humankind has suffered plagues before, has suffered floods and famines and fires before, suffered earthquakes and hurricanes before, just not everywhere and all at once. Is a plague of locusts a natural disaster or did we flush them out, like Wuhan bats? Are wildfires in the hundreds a natural disaster or did the West Coast move the water too far towards the cities?

2020, you were a locomotive, truly loco, at top speed, heedless and careless. Every person, every place, every thing was standing in harm’s way. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men marched in circles, firing shots at protesters and shouting curses instead of giving lifesaving shots to doctors and nurses.

2020, your toxic nature lingers, even and unto the day we take back the White House from Humpty Dumpty and we free all the king’s horses and arrest all the king’s men. Those of us who worked hard and paid our taxes and wrote checks to Democratic challengers, we will tear down the wall that Humpty Dumpty sat upon, scrape up the shells, the whites and the yolks and compost the mess.

Catherine G. Tripp

South Kohala

Presidential pardons

How about we pardon student loans instead of scumbags.

Jackie Sachs


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