Letters to the Editor: January 12, 2021

Evolution of democracy

This American is thrilled by the evolution of democracy going on in D.C. and the nation.


President “alternate reality” has been inciting his base, and priming riot, so it was inevitable his last gasps would spark violence.

But democracy, and the rule of law prevailed, and Donald Trump’s feeble attempt at insurrection will spur a more unified America, with further protections for our democracy. Our nation grows in the wake of Trumpism. Often we must clearly see what we are not, to gain clarity in what we truly are.

Trump did his job well. Mirroring narcissism to the end. Now, We The People will create a more healthy world for all — neither denying science nor mocking anyone.

Thanks Donny, now good bye.

Oshen Klink

Captain Cook

Where’s the research?

Calling the government’s response to the coronavirus, “a scamdemic,” Gene Tamashiro added, “Our research shows us that there is no actual science that confirms that the lockdown is based on the truth.”

Just curious as to who did this research and where was it done? Any qualifications or were they self-qualified?

Elizabeth Purse


We need a qualified planning director

I am a homeowner living in Kona Vistas Subdivision. I live on Kekuanaoa Place, which is currently the only access to the proposed development Royal Kona (Kona Village). I am against this development as it would allow enormous amount of traffic in our subdivision and especially my street.

I am unable to find qualifications for the nomination of Zendo Kern for Hawaii County planning director. Kern is the consultant for KV3, Kona Three, the developers for the proposed development Royal Kona (Kona Village) currently before the Planning Department that will impact our neighborhood. This should stand out as a glowing conflict of interest.

I only see he, along with the principles of development firms: Richard Wheelock (principle of Royal Kona), Robert Williams and Roland Higashi as having donated over $10,000 to the mayor elect’s campaign. We need a qualified county planning director, not someone who donated money to a campaign. We need someone who is not friends with principles of development firms in the county but can objectively approve or disapprove based on the merits of a development.

I am opposing this nomination of Kern for Hawaii County planning director and request the mayor withdraw his nomination.

Robert Harris


Inquiring minds need to know

At times, as I am sure you are aware of your articles on food and places to eat getting on the repetitious side. It would be nice, at times, to read and learn just what is happening in today’s food world. For example: I am sure you are, in particular, familiar with Chinese restaurants and their buffet style “take-out.” Question is, why is it not allowed during these trying times? What is the difference in going in and walking out with your Chinese “take-out” versus going into a super market and getting a “take-out” from their food section that has been sitting in trays and replenished as needed, “samo samo” a Chinese restaurant? Or going to a burger joint and ordering a “take-out” burger that one knows was cooked at least five minutes earlier? Inquiring minds need to know this kind of stuff.

Hugo von Platen Luder


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