Making Waves: The great mushroom debate

Crazy alert! They want to legalize magic mushrooms in Hawaii. Timothy Leary is cheering from his grave.

Actually Tim is not in his grave, when he died he had his ashes put into the nose cone of a satellite, now he is orbiting around the Earth like some wacked out, giggling moon.


That’s what magic mushrooms and similar chemicals do for your mind.

Now they want to unleash psychedelics on the world again. Flower Power is back, Summer of Love all over again, almost.

It seems a state senator named Stanley Chang thinks magic mushrooms are good for therapy so he came up with Senate Bill 738, the Mushroom Bill, which was deferred in late February. His idea is to set up clinics using psilocybin for therapy to cure smoking, alcoholism and depression.

It could happen with close supervision. I mean, real close.

Mushrooms will not be legal for personal use, they will only be used in treatment centers, which is a good thing. We hope that no magic mushroms slip out the back door into the world. That would not be good. Trust me, don’t take them at home.

Sometimes taking psilocybin mushrooms is like riding a skateboard through a hurricane blindfolded.

When you eat that mushroom anything goes, you travel to another dimension like the Twilght Zone. I went through the ‘60s, I know about these things.

I hope Senator Chang has done his homework. Before he lets mushroom counselors give “shrooms” to patients he should study the history of this mischievous chemical.

Psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline and LSD were legal up to 1968 until they noticed when people took them they thought they were loony birds and tried to fly, or believed they’d turned into orange juice and melted into the sink.

I’ll say it again, don’t take mushrooms. Stick with your cocktail or soda. Shrooms are not some innocent high like pot, or so I’ve heard.

Marijuana makes you smile and want to eat donuts. LSD and psilocybin make the donuts get up and do a little dance around the donut shop. They might start smiling and turn around and chase you.

That’s the bad side of mushrooms, but there is a good side.

Remember all the hippies in the ‘60s with flowers in their hair romping around parks in San Francisco? Did you notice they had a big smile on their face? That tells you magic mushrooms can make you happy, that’s a good thing.

If they can harness that wild, spiritual psychedelic energy for good, more power to them. So let’s bring it on. All we are saying is give shrooms a chance.

If they can put a man on the moon, send a space rover the size of a Go Cart 100 million miles to Mars. If they make a vaccine that cures the virus in the middle of a pandemic, or more amazing, come up with a loco loco, anything’s possible.

If they can do all these things they can darn sure give people a few mushrooms to help them feel better.


In this crazy world, we all need to get better, even if we have to go a little crazy to do it.

Aloha, this week marks five years I’ve been making waves and aloha writing my column. It has been a pleasure writing for you, and I appreciate all the comments, good and bad, I’ve gotten from you all. I look forward to continuing with my stories here. Many thanks for printing my tales all this time. Mahalo Nui Loa, Dennis. Comments always at