Waikoloa man sought by police

Big Island police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 28-year-old Chace Kakela Gambill, of Waikoloa, who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Editorial: America should share vaccine with the world

As more Americans roll up their sleeves for a potentially life-saving vaccination, we are called by moral imperative and social justice concern to reflect on the reality that countries without the Western world’s economic capital are being left behind.

Ramesh Ponnuru: One cheer for the return of earmarks

After a 10-year hiatus, earmarks are coming back to the U.S. Congress. Democrats and Republicans alike repudiated the practice of letting congressmen direct federal spending to specific projects and enterprises around the start of President Barack Obama’s administration. Now both parties have decided to revive it, with reforms.

My Turn: A positive consequence of a conflict of interest

Good things happen unexpectedly! There is a positive consequence of Planning Director Zendo Kern’s conflict of interest. The conflict was caused because Kern was the owner’s representative for the Campbell/Clapp Trust before the Leeward Planning Commission and then he signed the Tentative Plat Approval for this owner days after being the mayor’s nominee for Planning Director. Having this conflict exposed, we are grateful that the Planning Department has now reopened the subdivision rezoning for the Campbell/Clapp Property.

My Turn: Planning ahead

It was very disappointing to read in the March 19 edition of the West Hawaii Today that the Leeward Planning Commission approved a five-bedroom Bed and Breakfast establishment on Alii Drive.

Commentary: Is our infrastructure ‘crumbling’? Not according to this data

Speaking about his ambitious infrastructure plans in a press conference, President Joe Biden recently stated, “One in five miles of our highways and major roads are in poor condition,” “More than one third of our bridges” need repair, and “we rank 13th globally in infrastructure.” These statements probably don’t sound surprising. Americans seem to believe that our infrastructure is, as some people say, “crumbling.”

Noah Feldman: Does Congress even have the power to end gerrymandering?

The “For the People Act” currently being proposed by House Democrats would transform the way the U.S. runs federal elections. Known as HR 1, the bill would make it substantially easier to vote. It would also counteract restrictive legislation enacted by Republican state legislatures in recent years.