Making Waves: They’re doing it again

They’re doing it again.

Hawaii politicians are voting themselves more money, what a surprise. Not many voted against that one I’ll bet. They are giving themselves an extra $225 a day for going to work as usual.


They’re voting on the bill, and you’re going to pay it.

Hawaii lawmakers get almost $70,000 a year for doing their job, some $100,000, now they want an extra $225 a day for doing their job while they’re in session at the capitol. Excuse me, but we’re already paying them for working in session at the capitol. Where else would they work?

Maybe we should pay teachers an extra $225 a day only when they are in a school room, or secretaries only when they are at the office, or pay bus drivers extra only when they are driving a bus.

Speaking of free money, how about that $1,400 we’re all getting from the government.

Republicans were against it right up to when they put their check in the bank, then they got real quiet.

Money is a funny thing, many get paid way beyond their value to society. For instance, football and baseball players get paid many times more than regular jobs like disposal workers.

Sports players get millions for playing a season then are off for six months signing autographs. What would happen if trashmen were off for six months and the dump was closed for six months? It would get pretty stinky around here.

Would you rather watch Tiger Woods play golf or watch six months of garbage pile up in your driveway? Now you see the real value of a job.

Money isn’t always doled out fairly. For instance, the president of the United States gets $400,000 a year. OK, he gets free rent at the White House and a big airplane to fly around in. Even so, an NFL football lineman makes three times more than he does, so does the sound man for the Rolling Stones.

As an example of overblown salaries look at legendary quarterback Joe Montana. He was injured and stood on the sidelines in his jeans and a T-shirt a whole season talking to his buddies. He yukked it up during the games and was paid $800,000, 20 times more than a starting teacher.

So don’t worry about Hawaii politicians wanting a little more money, it’s chump change to people with big bucks. Most famous sports people and movie stars pay the combined salaries of the Hawaii Legislature as a down payment on their beach house.

Patrick Mahomes II, of the Kansas City Chiefs, will be paid up to $800,000,000, almost a billion dollars in the next five years. His salary could build schools, feed hungry people and buy enough COVID-19 vaccines for five states. But Mahomes throws a good pass and makes touchdowns, so he deserves the money, I guess.

Brad Pitt gets $20 million for talking to an actress in a movie. President Biden gets $400,000 for talking to Putin in his office. It ain’t fair.

It seems that the more money you make, the less important your job is to the world.


After all, Mother Theresa worked for free, so did Jesus.

Dennis Gregory writes a bi-monthly column for West Hawaii Today. He welcomes your comments at