Letters to the Editor: April 14, 2021

Cut the mayor some slack

This is in response to a couple of the negative letters sent in regarding our newly elected Mayor Mitch Roth. Let’s make this simple: he was elected, and he is our mayor. Think about that for a minute. We elected him and the first thing that happened is he had a heart attack. Why? Well, maybe he realized how deep the swamp is here in Hawaii? These islands have deep corruption,and some of the old cronies just won’t let go. Very typical in a new administration. It’s time to leave him alone and let him do his job. Maybe, just maybe, he can figure this thing out. I am sure he will. If you think you’re so smart why didn’t you run? As I was a business owner on Oahu during the early ‘80s , I have seen my share of corruption. Cut him some slack and give him some time.


Chris Danzilo



Council right to question mayor’s picks

For the past several days, I have read articles about Mayor Mitch Roth’s pick being challenged by the Hawaii County Council. I can’t help but think again about the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I’m glad that our council is questioning his picks as we all want good people heading important positions, not those thinking in terms of politics.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis



Get our state back working for us

Not since the World War II years have I seen such a complete cluster of outrageous events taking place. Sure, during World War II we had unlawful martial law. We had American citizens sent off to camps and among other things we had rationing … during a war that we (never forget) won.

Rationing was administered by the Office of Price Control Administration (OPA). The OPA mainly rationed gasoline and food stuffs. Today, America is not at war with anybody but itself. What one sees today is empty shelves here in Hawaii and ever escalating prices at the super markets, gasoline pumps and wherever. We see large business closing after 100 years (e.g. Loves Bakery) not to mention Hawaii’s lifeline of small businesses like restaurants and your everyday “mama pops.”

Today, the state is in limbo not knowing how or wanting to administrate in a proper manner. Lockdowns have proven to have been a determent to Hawaii’s economy. All one hears is “wear your mask and keep social distancing.” Both of which are proving to have been unnecessary while having an adverse effect on our society and again, our economy.

Government concocts its laws (lockdowns, masks, etc.) but where are the laws to regulate price gouging to protect the public? Where is the state on getting goods (restocking retailers shelves) to the islands? Where is the state and county governments on kick-starting Hawaii’s economy? The state has only one thing going for it and that they with the feds are abusive with that they call their stimulus (bonus) checks. All of which comes out of the public’s pockets through tax increases.

We have got to wake up and get our state back working for us. The private sector sets their prices based on what the public sector will endure. Government is here to oversee that the privates do not get over zealous in pricing (a $12 plate lunch) to where it becomes price gouging.

Hugo von Platen Luder



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