Letters to the Editor: April 16, 2021

A good experience

Over the last several months, I have heard many disparaging remarks about the employees of the Unemployment Office but from my experience I have nothing but appreciation for the assistance given to me specifically by “Ronnie” of the Kona Office.


Although my experience is limited to this one individual I believe that most if not all are doing the best they can considering the volume of applications being submitted. My thanks especially to “Ronnie” for all the help you’ve given and to your colleagues in this trying times.

Joseph P. Maria



The voters know better

Well Mrs. Kathleen Parker had it right when she said in her opinion column Monday that Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) was the best Republican since Ronald Reagan. The truth is that Manchin is supported by the most far right organizations including the far, far right Heritage Foundation. Manchin is not a Democrat, but a Dino, Democrat in name only. Her support of Manchin further shows the love of blocking anything the right doesn’t like. Manchin is and has been blocking anything, including the voting rights bill and has the vocal support of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) for his efforts. He should be removed from the party as his votes are against the principles of the Democratic Party. Sad that he is so obvious about his intentions to block what most Americans want to happen. The whining about partisanship by Manchin is right wing sour grapes. The obvious goal is to only vote party by the right, and using lies to try to fool the voters. The voters know better, and deserve better.

David Macdonald

Captain Cook


Kaloko trails need oversight, management

Jeff McDevitt’s My Turn opinion column published April 7 does give some interesting historical information.

In my opinion, what is missing is the reality of the condition of the trails in Kaloko. The many years of overuse without enough oversight or properly funded management has left this very important watershed, the cloud forest of Kaloko, in a very tenuous state. The suggestion that allowing greater, and easier access to the Kaloko trails is questionable in my opinion.

If you have walked there recently, you will see the invasive vines growing everywhere, the horribly amazing kahili ginger that is listed as one of the top three invasive species in the world, not to mention the silver oak, and African tulip trees that grow so huge to the heartbreaking exclusion of the native ohia lehua.

This article directs us to Debbie Hecht’s website and on page 10 you will find the list of criteria for purchases by the 2% Land Fund, which include: (A) Access to Beaches and Mountains (B)Preservation of historic or culturally important land areas and sites (C) Protection of natural resources, significant habitat or eco-systems including buffer zones (D) Preservation of forests, beaches coastal areas, and agricultural lands (E) Protection of Watershed lands to preserve water quality and water supply.

Everyone has their own view but the way I read it this property does not meet near enough of the criteria to warrant the expenditure for acquisition by the 2% fund.

Patti St.Clair




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