As I See It: Media needs to self-regulate

Attention-getting antics effectively create a denial-of-service attack by overwhelming media and squeezing out responsible content. There have been many, PT Barnum and Buffalo Bill Cody used similar talent standing on a stump or soapbox to sell entertainment. Hearst used flamboyance in print to sell more newspapers, so what if it started a war. Franklin Roosevelt used radio to overcome his natural handicap, polio, because he could not walk. Charles De Gaulle, frustrated by an ungovernable country, France, that had 267 kinds of cheese said “You can have the free press, give me television.” Television brought infotainment to new heights and changed campaigning forever. TV is a very powerful selling medium. American presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower have used (abused?) television to manipulate public attitudes to get elected and to govern. Everyone was caught by surprise when an obscure businessman dominating an obscure social media site recruited millions of followers. By the time the mainstream politicians caught on, Twitter and the Twitterati were dominated by an outsider.