U.S. marks slowest population growth since the Depression

WASHINGTON — U.S. population growth has slowed to the lowest rate since the Great Depression, the Census Bureau said Monday, as Americans continued their march to the South and West and one-time engines of growth, New York and California, lost political influence.

Editorial: The FDA should ban menthol cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration faces a Thursday deadline to decide whether to allow menthol cigarettes to remain on the market. To discourage children from starting smoking and to help adults quit, it should ban them. It should also ban menthol and all other flavors except tobacco from e-cigarettes.

Editorial: Recall petition signers should remain anonymous

The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board has long been an advocate of government transparency. We have also defended individual privacy. With his Senate Bill 663, Sen. Josh Newman, D-Fullerton, put these values at odds. His bill would let targets of recall campaigns find out who signed recall petitions and also let targets try to get signers to remove their signatures — a change from how election officials alone have access to petition signers’ names to validate their signatures now. Newman says the change would allow recall targets to respond to false or misleading allegations against them.

Masa treats in time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations

When traveling in Mexico or dining out closer to home, I seek out antojitos — those little whims of street snacks and appetizers. My favorites include flavor-packed, handheld chalupas and sopes made from corn masa dough that has been transformed into crispy, crusty golden containers. They are perfect for Cinco de Mayo, but equally delicious any day of the year.

Diabetes Quick Fix: Turkey Picadillo with Brown Rice

Picadillo is a popular Latin dish using ground meat, onions, green bell pepper, tomato sauce, capers and raisins. The success of this dish is the blending of sweet and savory flavors. I have captured the essence of the taste and the texture in this 10-minute no-fuss dinner. It takes a few minutes to gather the ingredients, but they all cook together in less than 10 minutes.