UH astronomers to help map the universe’s first galaxies

  • The James Webb Space Telescope will also map and model the core of galaxies nearby. (NASA/Special to West Hawaii Today)

  • The James Webb Space Telescope will explore the cores of merging galaxies. (NASA/Special to West Hawaii Today)

  • The IfA astronomers will conduct detailed follow-up observations of galaxies seen in the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images, using the telescopes on Maunakea. The JWST is the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built and will succeed NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. It is equipped to observe some of the most distant objects in the universe, using upgraded infrared sensitivity and resolution. (NASA/Special to West Hawaii Today)

University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy (IfA) astronomers will play an instrumental role in helping unveil the universe’s very first galaxies, more than 13 billion light years away.