Making Waves: These are strange times

This COVID thing has people acting real funny, and downright strange.

For instance there is a Congressman who says the Jan. 6 riot in Washington D.C. was nothing more than a peaceful tour of the Capitol.


He says that if you didn’t know it was the Jan. 6 riot, you’d think it was a group of tourists walking calmly through the halls of Congress. I guess trying to lynch the vice president, attack Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and smash windows are part of the tour.

Here’s another one. We thought the stolen election idiocy was over but it smolders on. Most everyone in the country knows Joe Biden won the election, but a few still believe the election was stolen by sneaky ballot counters stashing three million Trump ballots in backroom closets. They also believe that devious Democrats secretly printed up millions of ballots all marked for Biden.

They must have some writer’s cramp personally signing all those ballots.

It could happen in the Twilight Zone or a James Bond movie, but not in the real world.

They really believe this crazy idea, or they go along with it to be cool with fellow Republicans. They know that Trump lost but they want to fit in so they pretend to be crazy too.

It’s called peer group pressure, usually a problem with teenagers doing wacky things to fit in with the group, but I guess some people never grow up.

There is a fable about this delusion, it’s called the Emperor Has No Clothes. This was the one where everyone is so afraid of the emperor, when he walks down the street in his underwear, the people pretend he has clothes on.

The modern version is people are so afraid of emperor Trump they pretend he won the election. Same story.

How about those no vaccine guys. They refuse to get vaccinated and risk dying because they don’t want the government telling them what to do. That’s like sitting on a train track in front of a speeding train and not moving because the government told you to get out of the way of the train.

They really grumble being forced to stop at red lights, wear seat belts and pay sales tax. They must go out of their mind being screened at airports. How dare the government protect us from terrorists!

There are gangs of these people waving signs along the road pleading for their right to get COVID-19.

Notice they don’t mind the intrusion when they get their Social Security check or their stimulus check.

Speaking of the government, there’s the Kona cat crisis. Some county workers at the local dump sites are having tantrums over people feeding stray cats. It’s a real “catroversy.”

Come on people, we have to keep it together. This COVID crud will pass. In some places, they’re allowed to take off their masks and are seeing smiles again. It will happen here.


Have some faith and aloha and we’ll get through it just fine.

Dennis Gregory writes a bi-monthly column for West Hawaii Today and welcomes your comments at