Letters to the Editor: June 1, 2021

What an amazing experience

For the past two months, I have had the privilege of working at the Friday Vaccine Clinic in Kona, and what an amazing experience it has been.


I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the staff at West Hawaii Community Health center, as well as the National Guard, the volunteers, and those who provided lunch. A special shout out to all the hardworking gym staff who helped with wheelchairs, translation services, and even magic tricks for little kids waiting with their parents! All of you made this a wonderful, well-organized event every single week.

Some of you might remember me — the enthusiastic older lady who congratulated you after your first or second dose. I will always remember you. Some of you came alone by taxi in wheelchairs; or with your coworkers, your vaccine buddies, or your entire families young and old; pregnant moms, and grandparents who want to see their new grand babies for the first time. Some of you recently lost family members to COVID-19.

Those of you who were terrified of shots, but came for two doses anyway, I am amazed by your courage and so proud of you! Some of you came even though others told you not to, or you were worried about being sick and missing work the next day.

The thousands of you who received the vaccine give us hope that when this virus comes to infect our circle of family and friends, our work ohana, and our larger community, there will be a huge wall of protection around us, and the virus will have no place to go.

I’ll say it again: Congratulations, and thanks so much for coming! You made my day.

Sue Smith

Captain Cook

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