Disturbance at HCCC brought under control

The Department of Public Safety announced that on Friday at approximately 7 p.m. Hawaii Community Correctional Center (HCCC) implemented a lockdown after inmates in one housing module started a disturbance. The facility emergency response security team was given approval to use non-lethal means to gain compliance. The situation was contained by 9 p.m. without further incident.

Commentary: Investing in schools builds communities

As one of the most memorable school years in history winds down, state and local school leaders are considering how to make the most of the $190 billion federal dollars in COVID-19 relief flowing to our nation’s public schools.

Tyler Cowen: COVID showed that we’re bad at big decisions

Human behavior during COVID-19 has upended one of the most fundamental assumptions of economics, even if economists haven’t yet come around to admitting it. In sum: People are worse at big, important decisions than previously thought, and better at small, trivial ones.

Obituaries: June 6, 2021

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