Letters to the Editor: June 22, 2021

COVID vaccines save lives

Anti-vaxxers, vaccine apathy … belief in conspiracy theories such as magnetization and chips … I do not understand it at all.


I am a registered nurse, I read the research. I see what happens when communities are vaccinated, and when they are not. The happiest day in recent history was when I finally got my first dose of the vaccine (Pfizer). I had no idea how much stress and pressure I had been living with until 15 minutes after the “jab” white card in hand, when walking out the door, I was finally able to breathe again. Finally, a sigh of relief, a modicum of hope.

I have read independent research, published in juried (peer reviewed) medical journals including The New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet, I subscribe to Pub Med among others. Is the vaccine perfect? No. Are there potential side effects? Yes. Name one prescription drug or over the counter medication that is perfect for everyone, with no potential side effects or adverse reactions.

The COVID vaccines save lives. Thousands and thousands of lives. Not only do they save lives, they reduce the severity and adverse impact if you do get COVID. When you look at numbers and note the deaths from COVID and COVID-related incidents, those numbers do not tell the entire story. Look at the survivors. Those who survived because of double-lung transplants. Those who survived with amputations. Those who survived who have long-term, long-range unexplained effects and complications.

Who would not want Americans to be vaccinated? Ask yourself where the misinformation and misdirection might be coming from. I do not know but I can guess. Do yourself, your family, your community, your country, the world, a favor. Get vaccinated.

S. Tillger



Shohei Ohtani is ‘show time’

Although I’m Okinawan, I must give highly due credit to the legend, the incredible player for the Los Angeles Angels in Shohei Ohtani who launched his Major League Baseball leading 23rd home run of the season as of this writing.

The great Ohtani is entering the All-Star Home Run Derby contest, which must be the first for a pitcher in modern day Major League Baseball. Ohtani has shocked the world and is simply “super awesome.”

Ohtani is making the entire Major League Baseball position players look silly, because, he has hit his home runs (23) as a pitcher. A legend has been born from the land of the rising Sun. Enough said.

Dean Nagasako



Confirming my faith in county employees

Most people I talk to have low opinion about our county employees, and based on my last two experiences I have to totally disagree.

I had a very good experience with the Hawaii County Property Tax office several months ago, and I just had the same good experience with the Department of Taxation’s Hilo Office. I would like to give a well-deserved public recognition to Ms. Shannon A. Kohatsu-Jelsma for her utmost professional way of handling my case. She has been very easy to work with, she was very helpful, and it was obvious that she cared about solving my issues. Thank you, Ms. Kohatsu-Jelsma for confirming my faith in the county employees.

John S. Rabi




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