Letters to the Editor: Aug. 3, 2021

Go get the shot today

Some of you believe that you will be OK if you do not wear a mask or get a vaccination. That is true. But many who believe this will get sick and die. The thing about belief is that it depends on faith not science. The science is telling us that your chances of becoming sick or dying are much greater if you don’t get vaccinated and wear a mask.


You can express your “right” to be free of vaccination or mask. But then when you do get sick, you seem to believe that it is also your right to be taken to a hospital to be cared for and recover.

What happens if there is no room at the hospital? What if there are not enough beds or doctors to care for you? What if there is not enough medicine to keep you alive? What if there are not enough respirators to go around because too many people believed as you do? What if the caregivers are just plain exhausted?

This new Delta variant is very contagious. Your beliefs do not affect the virus in any way. It will find you. It will make you sick or kill you. What about your family and friends? Will you be the vector that makes them sick or kills them?

And what about the cost of care? Do you think your health insurance company has infinite money to pay for everyone? At some point they will be overwhelmed and unable to pay for care.

These questions need answers, not just hope and faith. Wake up. This pandemic is real.

It has killed over 600,000 people in the U.S. It is surging right now.

Go get the shot today. Be smart. Not dead.

Tom Beach


Selective enforcement?

The Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement officers cited someone for collecting undersized ‘opihi on July 30. DOCARE officers believe in enforcing the law against an individual; except when it comes to multiple people illegally prohibiting access to Maunakea.

These officers feel it is their duty to enforce rules and regulations selectively. Why is one activity illegal, and another equal activity not warranted to be cited?

Maybe because one activity is practiced by multiple people, while the other was done by a single person! What a concept to let multiple scofflaws free without being charged, while another is subject to the full extent of the law.

I speak from firsthand knowledge — a while ago I was cited because I exercised my first amendment rights at the Kona pier. I was charged with disorderly conduct and paid a fine; however, there was no interaction by me toward anyone. My sole “violation” was standing with three signs and speaking to no one.

Good going DOCARE officers, maybe next time you will enforce the law equally! But I doubt it.

Funny, but they also advise folks to notify the 24-hour DLNR hotline. Why bother when they disregard the notification?

Michael L. Last


An accident waiting to happen

This is an urgent plea to cut the overgrown brush that has taken over Hookena Beach Road from Highway 11. There are community members and visitors that use the road to walk and run and ultimately stay healthy. As well as use the road for access to fish and to their home. Community members have taken action to trim the areas most prone to accidents but the road in its entirety is an accident waiting to happen. Please help in keeping our community safe, healthy and allowing easy access to daily activities.

Chris K. Hashimoto

Friends of Hookena Beach Park

Their choice

In response to Matt Binder regarding vaccine demands: Really? My body, my choice.

Mr. Binder, The last time I looked we were living in America, which happens to be the “land of the free and the home of brave.” What right does any government have to demand a vaccine? We do not live in a communist country, apparently you would like to.

I personally have been vaccinated, but some of my friends have not. Do I demand that they get a vaccine? No. Their choice.

Chris Danzilo



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