Letters to the Editor: September 8, 2021

Vaccination and mask-wearing are the only way

Shame, shame on Mikie Kerr. How many people need die following her debunked, anti-science opinions to persuade her that vaccination and mask-wearing are the only way we’re going to get a handle on this pandemic?


There is absolutely no — repeat, no as in zero — scientific support for the use either of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to protect against this virus.

She falsely protests that the government and “big tech censor and demonize these well-known and effective therapies.” She is clearly unaware that ivermectin is a product of Merck, one of the biggest of tech companies, who in February in clear language cautioned against using ivermectin for COVID-19. And it isn’t the CDC and FDA which combine to block ivermectin; the World Health Organization also condemns its use. As of Aug. 4, it had not been approved for use against COVID-19 in Japan.

Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent infection, and it is dangerous, which is why it is not used outside of carefully managed settings. Poland is the only country to have actually authorized a chloroquine-containing product for supportive treatment of COVID-19.

The desperate use of unsafe therapies in poorer countries, as in Africa or South America, is because they can’t get vaccines and is not proof that quack therapies are effective. No responsible person should be fooled into risking the lives of their children and other family members by her nonsense. Please: Read the science, get vaccinated and wear a mask when in a group even if you are vaccinated (you can still be a carrier).

Arne Werchick



Bravo, Mr. Obenski

Bravo to Ken Obenski for his Sunday opinion column demolishing anti-abortion activists’ underlying philosophies. In a calm, respectful, and methodical manner, he uproots the mistaken assumptions about human nature as well as the unforeseen consequences of their efforts.

America is often seen by the pro-life groups as the proud home of independent individualism. Yet, when it comes to abortion, they somehow think the whole society should determine whether a woman should be forced to undergo the nine-month process of bringing a baby into the world, even in cases of rape or incest. What condescension. The decision to terminate a pregnancy should belong to the woman who is pregnant, not to some legislature or to a vote of the community.

No matter how repulsed one may feel about abortion, the practice has continued from the beginning of human civilization. Laws cannot stop it. They can only make it more traumatic and dangerous for women. It is time to realize this fact.

John Sucke



The place to shop

I am coming straight out and giving KTA Super Stores high praise for their superior overall performance. All employees are randomly drug tested several times a year making for superior customer service. This alone makes KTA Super Stores the place to shop.

Second of all, KTA has a rich history of giving back to the community and when the great, late Barry Taniguchi was alive, he generously donated to the church I attend.

I have only righteous things to say about KTA Super Stores which has proven to be a great leader on the Big Island. It is family owned and practices “super awesome” rules and traditions. Enough said.

Dean Nagasako



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