Letters to the Editor: September 27, 2021

Extraordinary tourists

To the folks who believe we have too many tourists, I’d like a vote on how tourists embody and further “the aloha spirit.”


On Tuesday, I was taking my friend to the airport for a lengthy trip. On Alii Drive, just short of Hualalai Road, I blew a tire (fairly new tire – lots of tread). Trying to unclog the street, I turned onto Hualalai Road and into the parking lot. Four tourists on foot – two from Oregon and two from Idaho – followed us into the parking lot and assessed the problem.

While my friend was trying to contact a potential alternate ride to the airport, one of the women decided that she would drive to the airport so my friend could catch her plane. Meanwhile, the two men and remaining woman set about changing my tire. (I helped a tiny bit.) No questions. Just action.

I’m a New Yorker, born and bred, and have been living in Hawaii for the past 15 years or so (having had lengthy visits prior to moving). I cannot imagine the tire/airport incident having a happy ending in the city. It was amazing.

And I could only manage a heartfelt “Thank you.” I asked for their names (intending a more personal Thank you). They told me to “pay it forward”. I certainly will try.

But to those extraordinary tourists, a thank you as big as New York.

Wendy Greenfield


A big mahalo

I revived an old word in my vocabulary, “hyperbolic,” yesterday while undergoing a colonoscopy at Kona Ambulatory Surgery Center.

From the time I stepped into the office to being walked out for my ride home, I was impressed by the people, organization, and timing, all choreographed into a smooth operation.

Dr. Mark Yoshida did his “magic” in the OR, while his assistants kept me comfortable. The exam lasted merely 25 minutes, and the results were squeaky clean.

I want to highlight my “companion” Nurse Riley. She took care of me from the moment I stepped in behind the front office, to getting me comfortable in bed, monitoring my vitals, and just “talking story.”

If I were an avatar I would remember everyone’s names, but I’m not. So I apologize to you. If I could download the “movie” in my head, I would. I see all of you glowing with aloha and taking care of business. I love you all. Aloha ke Akua … a hui hou … mahalo nui loa

Dennis Lawson


She’ll be back

I’m sure we have not seen the last of the Illinois lady that cheated on her vaccination card and didn’t show up for her hearing. She will return not for her hearing but for another vacation, only this time she will get a fifth grader to make out her vaccination card correctly, wear sun glasses and cover the tattoo on her hip.

Jill Faust



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