Three decades of Volcano Watch

A USGS map from the first “Volcano Watch” article published on Nov. 3, 1991. The inset shows the Pu‘u O‘o and Kupaianaha lava flow field in the middle East Rift Zone of Kilauea, while the smaller map of the Island of Hawai‘i (upper right) marks the felt earthquakes for the past week and the inset location. (USGS/Special to West Hawaii Today)

HVO geologists conducted a helicopter overflight of Halema‘uma‘u, at the summit of Kilauea, on Nov. 9. A gas plume can be seen rising from the west vent along the crater wall (center left). Mauna Loa is visible in the background. (USGS photo by B. Carr/Special to West Hawaii Today)

David Clague, former Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Scientist-In-Charge, initiated this series of weekly articles in late-1991. He was the primary author until March 1995, when the HVO staff — and eventually other partners — began contributing.