House and Senate maps adopted: New House district goes to West Hawaii

The state Reapportionment Commission stayed the course Friday and finalized House and Senate election maps for the next decade, shaking off resident complaints from Hawaii Island and Oahu, citizen-produced alternative maps and even the threat of lawsuits in its 8-1 decision.

North Korea appears to test biggest missile in five years

TOKYO — North Korea appeared to have fired one of its biggest ballistic missiles in almost five years, adding to its largest series of tests since Kim Jong Un took power as he tries to force his nuclear arsenal back on to the Biden administration’s agenda.

‘I miss home so much’

When an explosive volcanic eruption triggered a tsunami in Tonga just over two weeks ago, homes were destroyed, communication lines disabled, and a heavy blanket of ash deposited on towns and villages.

Obituaries: January 30, 2022

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Farmers markets, grocery stores expanding tropical fruit varieties

Many folks have been avoiding crowds and even staying home to avoid COVID-19 exposure for the last two years. Being grounded has new meaning when we have little opportunity to socialize. Even folks who have lived in Hawaii all or most of their lives, have never had a problem with rock fever until now. However, there are solutions. We can mentally escape this isolation by growing and expanding our tropical fruit cuisines. Enjoying these fruits can expand our world even though we are stuck at home.

Editorial: For the sake of national unity, don’t dig in on this Supreme Court nomination

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement announcement offers Republicans a real opportunity. No, not the opportunity to install yet another hard-right conservative on the bench. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell already can claim victory for the kinds of obstructionist and unfair manipulation that yielded the court’s current lopsided split favoring conservatives. Now is the moment for Republicans to make a move to save this badly divided nation from splitting even further.