Obituaries: April 6, 2022

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Killing of Ukrainian civilians could bring new sanctions

BUCHA, Ukraine — Police and other investigators walked the silent streets of ruined towns around Ukraine’s capital, documenting widespread killings of unarmed civilians and other alleged war crimes by Russian forces that could draw tough new Western sanctions as soon as today.

US airport security screening to become more gender-neutral

WASHINGTON — U.S. airport security procedures will become more gender-neutral, with changes to scanners used for screening and the use of an “X” for travelers going through Precheck who do not identify as male or female, the Biden administration said Thursday.

Commentary: Schools are better off without police

When a fight broke out among middle school students in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in early March, a security guard intervened. The guard, an off-duty police officer, was filmed pushing the head of a 12-year-old girl of color into the ground, placing his knee on her neck for about half a minute before handcuffing her, and walking her out of the cafeteria.

Editorial: Trump’s latest frivolous lawsuit, against Clinton and others, should cost him

Former President Donald Trump — whose various slanders against his real and perceived political foes made him the most libelous president ever to hold the post — is now suing Hillary Clinton and others who highlighted his suspicious behavior toward Russia during and after the 2016 presidential campaign. If and when Trump submits to being deposed by the defendants, we’ll believe this is something more than his usual empty bluster. If that doesn’t happen (prediction: it won’t), Trump should be on the business end of a major frivolous-litigation judgment.