Letters to the Editor: April 17, 2022

Far from paradise for them

Our beautiful Hawaii Nei has a very ugly side — concerning the way we don’t malama the animals who live here with us.


Hawaii has one of the worst records for animal abuse and care in the nation. Thousands of homeless, abused, neglected, endangered animals live in this paradise, but it is far from paradise for them.

Animals are kept to serve as guards, produce 20 babies to be sold for money, endanger themselves hunting food animals, and/or be status symbols. Far too many never know loving kindness, ample food and exercise, freedom from chains that hamper their movement and don’t allow room for them to stand up straight.

Our pet over-population problem is out of control and it is the animals who suffer. We have no “humane society” taking in lost animals until their owners or a loving home can be found for them. The police department is not equipped or staffed to take on the needs and humane care of our homeless animals.

Feral cat colonies — where kind people feed, trap, neuter and release our thousands of homeless cats — are reviled and/or forced to close even though it has been proven that the most successful and humane way to ultimately stop cat over-population is to trap, neuter and release back into the home colony. Government makes humane animal care illegal and replace it with nothing — the problems and suffering continue.

V. Fuqua

Ocean View


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