Time for a thrill: Super American Circus coming to Kona

  • Cristina Holt and Alexander Knapp perform a juggling routine during the Super American Circus in Hilo on Thursday, April 14, 2022. Knapp and Holt toured with the circus two years ago and made it to Hilo before the COVID-19 lockdown left them stranded. Instead of returning to the mainland, the duo decided to make a home in Hilo.

  • A performer uses a lyra for acrobatics during the Super American Circus in Hilo on Thursday. Ariana, Robert and Maximus Arias react to performances and stunts at the Super American Circus. (photos by Kelsey Walling/Hawaii Tribune-Herald)

The Super American Circus returns to Kailua-Kona this weekend following a lengthy hiatus amid the COVID-19 pandemic.