Stricker in a 3-way tie for the lead in return to Champions

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Steve Stricker wanted to stay in bed Saturday morning and some of the players at the Insperity Invitational probably wish he did. Stricker took advantage of calm conditions with a 7-under 65 for a three-way share of the lead in his return to the PGA Tour Champions.

Ukrainians plead for Mariupol rescue; Russian advance crawls

KHARKIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian forces fought village by village Saturday to hold back a Russian advance through the country’s east, while the United Nations worked to broker a civilian evacuation from the last defensive stronghold in the bombed-out ruins of the port city of Mariupol.

Kim warns N. Korea could ‘preemptively’ use nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned again that the North could preemptively use its nuclear weapons if threatened. His latest comments came as he praised his top army officials for a massive military parade in Pyongyang this week. State media reported Saturday that Kim expressed “firm will” to continue developing his nuclear-armed military so that it could “preemptively and thoroughly contain and frustrate all dangerous attempts and threatening moves, including ever-escalating nuclear threats from hostile forces, if necessary.” The parade on Monday came after a spate of missile tests that underscored Kim’s willingness to force the United States to accept the North as a nuclear power and remove crippling economic sanctions.

Tornado rips through Kansas; 3 students killed in crash

Officials say a tornado that barreled through parts of Kansas destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes and buildings, injured several people and left more than 15,000 people without power. In addition to wreckage from the tornado itself, three University of Oklahoma meteorology students traveling back from storm chasing in Kansas were also killed in a crash Friday evening. Authorities say more than 1,000 buildings were affected when a strong twister swept through Andover on Friday evening. In the daylight Saturday, emergency crews found a more widespread path of destruction than was earlier estimated. There were no fatalities or critical injuries from the twister itself, despite the widespread destruction.

Volcano Watch: What do vog and wildfire smoke plumes have in common?

Since 2010, University of Hawaii at Manoa researchers at the Vog Measurement and Prediction Program (VMAP) have been studying the dispersion of vog in Hawaii. The central goal of the effort has been to provide the public and emergency responders with accurate and timely forecasts that would help limit vog exposure for those in affected areas and communities.

Biden order to boost mining may not have quick payoff

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is turning to a Cold War-era law to boost production of lithium and other minerals used to power electric vehicles, but experts say the move by itself is unlikely to ensure the robust domestic mining Biden seeks as he promotes cleaner energy sources.