Obituaries: August 11, 2022

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Judge: Walgreens contributed to San Francisco opioid crisis

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Walgreens can be held responsible for contributing to San Francisco’s opioid crisis for over-dispensing highly addictive drugs for years without proper oversight and failing to identify and report suspicious orders as required by law.

Testifiers blast TMT project

The first public meeting to determine whether to award federal funding to the Thirty Meter Telescope ended Tuesday after four hours of outrage.

Biden signs ‘burn pits’ help for vets; a personal win, too

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden, whose elder son Beau died of cancer years after deploying to Iraq, signed legislation on Wednesday expanding federal health care services for millions of veterans who served at military bases where toxic smoke billowed from huge “burn pits.”

My Turn: Just say ‘yes’ to democracy

House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan gave me hope in our nation and the chances of democracy surviving around the world; and this isn’t Pelosi’s first China-bucking rodeo. In 1989, she stood with brave, pro-democracy protesters who were being barbarically gunned down by the Chinese government at Tiananmen Square.

Editorial: What’s past is prologue

The FBI’s search of and seizure of documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida is not only dramatic and serious, but unprecedented: no other former president has faced such an action. Yet Mr. Trump’s ability to survive and thrive politically on similar moments is also without precedent. Even when damaging evidence emerges, he has walked away largely unscathed in the eyes of his base, while the U.S. itself has been diminished. Nor has he yet experienced legal consequences for his actions in office.