Social Security boost will help millions of kids, too

WASHINGTON — Seventy-year-old Cassandra Gentry is looking forward to a hefty cost-of-living increase in her Social Security benefits — not for herself but to pay for haircuts for her two grandchildren and put food on the table.

Russia unleashes biggest attacks in Ukraine in months

KYIV, Ukraine — Russia retaliated Monday for an attack on a critical bridge by unleashing its most widespread strikes against Ukraine in months, a lethal barrage that smashed civilian targets, knocked out power and water, shattered buildings and killed at least 14 people.

Search for victims done, Florida coast aims for Ian recovery

FORT MYERS, Fla. — An army of 42,000 utility workers has restored electricity to more than 2.5 million businesses and homes in Florida since Hurricane Ian’s onslaught, and Brenda Palmer’s place is among them. By the government’s count, she and her husband, Ralph, are part of a success story.

Editorial: Democrats should scuttle the debt ceiling before America hits the fiscal brink

They aren’t saying it publicly, but behind the scenes, congressional Republican officials and business leaders are bracing for the nightmare scenario of a debt ceiling crisis potentially worse than the one in 2011 if the GOP retakes the House this year. That’s according to an Axios piece that pays special attention to Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., who could be in line for a key budgetary post in a Republican-led house. Smith tells the website bluntly that he thinks holding the nation’s fiscal stability hostage is a valid political strategy to force policy changes on the Biden administration.

Ramesh Ponnuru: Republicans have a lot to fear in November

How much do next month’s elections for the U.S. House and Senate really matter? If merely asking the question sounds like a betrayal of civic duty, it shouldn’t. The cliché is that the next race is always “the most important election of our lifetimes.” But some elections have more far-reaching consequences than others.

KCCF seeks cupping competition entries

Submissions for the 2022 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Competition Coffee are due by 4 p.m. Oct. 31. All coffee entered into the competition must be 100% Kona coffee grown in the district of Kona.

Obituaries: October 11, 2022

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