Letters to the Editor: November 3, 2022

Do we really want to end up like Oahu?

My husband and I have lived on the Big Island for 13 years, and of course always expected there to be changes over the years, some good, some bad. Honestly though, the last couple of years we have seen some of the worst changes ever.


Some of these are due to outright greed, some from mismanagement of tax dollars, and some from utter selfishness of not wanting to share this little bit of paradise with anyone other than themselves. With so many tax dollars coming from tourists, how is it that we can’t even have clean, functioning bathrooms in the parks? Something so simple and seemingly out of reach. Truly, the natural beauty of the parks being a big reason why people vacation here. Also, many of the hikes we did in the past are completely impossible now due to lack of access. So, what? Just make it so no one can enjoy them? Who wins, when no one can see these beautiful places?

And now making nearly every parking spot down town Kona pay parking. Who wins when locals don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount just to park? I feel bad for the businesses just trying to recover after COVID. Now, also kicking the farmers market out, so stupid. So do we really want to end up like Oahu? I really miss the lovely rural island that we moved to years ago. I guess next thing we cut down all the palm trees and pave over our once lovely bit of paradise. So sad.

Ruth Dorn



No additional training necessary

In the Wednesday, Nov. 2, issue of West Hawaii Today, there is an article, quite a long article, about the concern over training (or lack of training) regarding what to do when an officer or officers encounter someone carrying a gun legally with a concealed carry permit. Really, they need training in order to handle such an encounter? Let me simplify. Ask if the person with the gun if they have a permit to conceal carry. If they do the encounter is over. If they do not, arrest the person and escort them to the police station. That’s it, there is no additional training necessary.

Dave Chrisman



Vetting needed

I was disappointed to read about Scott Rudo, who held an important position in the Department of Housing, How did he get the job? Was he elected or was he appointed? Why wasn’t a careful check done on his background before he was put in that position? Who put him there?

I hope the next person that gets that job is checked out carefully before being given that position.

What a poor decision that was!

Colleen Wallis



Zone and build for residents

In my mind, the Nov. 1 opinion written by R. J. Kirchner is a real plan, recipe, map, or strategy that should be implemented immediately.

My neighborhood has several residences that serve multiple tenants and they are good neighbors … our issue is the horror of STVRs. This community was not built for such and we worry more will be converted and locals will be displaced.

So please zone and build for our residents now. The excuses and delays are sad.

Sheila Braithwaite



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