1 dead, up to 12 missing in landslide on Italian island

  • Rescuers stand next to a bus carried away after heavy rainfall triggered landslides that collapsed buildings and left as many as 12 people missing, in Casamicciola, on the southern Italian island of Ischia, Italy, Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022. Firefighters are working on rescue efforts as reinforcements are being sent from nearby Naples, but are encountering difficulties in reaching the island either by motorboat or helicopter due to the weather. (AP Photo/Salvatore Laporta)

MILAN — Heavy rainfall has triggered a massive landslide on the southern Italian resort island of Ischia. The landslide early Saturday destroyed buildings and swept parked cars into the sea. Authorities said that at least one person died and 12 were missing. Rescue efforts were complicated by the large amount of mud and detritus that barreled down the mountainside as well as windy and rainy weather that delayed boats and helicopters to the island. The force of the mud sliding down mountainsides just before dawn was strong enough to send cars and buses onto beaches and into the sea in a port town on the north end of the island which lies off Naples.