Now it’s official: Fox is fake news!

From its creation by Rupert Murdoch in 1996, Fox News has always been considered an outsider. Late-night comics mocked its initial slogan “Fair and Balanced” as “Neither.” But most people were willing to accept Fox for what it was: a right-wing television network, the conservatives’ answer to left-leaning MSNBC, with CNN somewhere in the middle. In fact, in 2009, when the Obama administration announced they were going to “treat them the way we would treat an opponent” and deny Fox News the same access other news outlets enjoyed, members of the White House press corps, myself included, protested. Fox might lean right, we argued, but they were still fellow journalists reporting the news, and deserved the same access enjoyed by CBS, ABC, CNN and other networks. But that was then, and this is now. Over the years, Fox devolved into ever more of a right-wing voicebox, in both commentary and news gathering, until, during the Trump years, they became nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee.