Evacuees live nomadic life after Maui wildfire as housing shortage intensifies and tourists return

Kaiaulu o Kuku’ia, a 200-unit affordable housing that was not seriously affected by the August’s wildfire is under construction on Tuesday, Oct. 3, in Lahaina, Hawaii. (AP Photo/Mengshin Lin)

Charles Nahale plays the only guitar he took with him from the wildfire on Oct. 10, in Lahaina, Hawaii. Nahale had many guitar and ukulele collections that were burned down in his home on Front Street. (AP Photo/Mengshin Lin)

LAHAINA, Hawaii (AP) — Charles Nahale spent a restless night trying to sleep in the back seat of his pickup truck after a wildfire destroyed his home and the town of Lahaina. The next two nights weren’t much better: The singer and guitarist put his feet on one chair and sat in another as he took refuge on the grounds of an evacuated hotel where he once performed for guests.