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My Turn: Abortion: It’s a complicated issue

Here are a few thoughts in response to Dennis Gregory’s piece. As a starter, Texas’s governor didn’t pass the law; the legislature did — i.e., the people’s representatives. If their constituents don’t like it, some of the representatives that voted for it may not get re-elected; or the legislature may change the law.

Study up and stick to facts, please

Section A of WHT Aug. 29, reminded me why I sometimes feel as if people really do live in alternate universes. Both Bill Hastings and David Taylor were prompted to respond to Dennis Gregory’s poorly researched opinion piece (“Road to statehood littered with what ifs”) on Aug. 23.

Making waves: Aloha Danny

His name was Danny and he was ready to show the world what a Japanese-American kid from Hawaii could do, He sure did that, more than even he could imagine.

Making Waves: It’s only natural

A dark cloud hangs over Texas, starting a storm that could spread across the country. The governor there passed a cruel and ignorant law basically banning abortions. He is supposed to protect the people, but instead he is punishing them.

Making Waves: We shall overcome

The bad news is the Earth is getting hotter than a flaming marshmallow at a Sunday picnic. The good news is we will find the solution, we always have.

Making Waves: How nice it was

They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever, but a beautiful thing never lasts very long. People want to be a part of beauty, they grab at it and it disappears in their hand.