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Study up and stick to facts, please

Section A of WHT Aug. 29, reminded me why I sometimes feel as if people really do live in alternate universes. Both Bill Hastings and David Taylor were prompted to respond to Dennis Gregory’s poorly researched opinion piece (“Road to statehood littered with what ifs”) on Aug. 23.

My Turn: Spread the facts, not the virus

A poll released Sunday from NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows that there is a huge disparity between Democrats and Republicans about how seriously to take the Coronavirus. Seventy-nine percent of Democrats say that they believe the worst is yet to come, compared to only 40% of Republicans. Sixty-one percent of Democrats say they have stopped attending large public gatherings, while only 30% of Republicans say the same.

Business as usual in Hawaii

I knew it. The County of Hawaii stopped recycling and now cars and trucks are backed up clear to the highway. People sit in a catatonic state inching their way to the dump.