Retail sales up 1% in June, easing fears of a recession

NEW YORK — Consumers picked up their spending from May to June, underscoring their resilience despite painfully higher prices at the gas pump and in grocery aisles and allaying fears that the economy might be on the verge of a recession.

It’s tourism, mooooo

A couple of weeks ago, we raised the question of whether lawmakers are looking at businesses and taxpayers as cows to be milked as opposed to constituents to serve.

HCFCU recognized by Forbes

Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union has been named one of the best credit unions in Hawaii on the Forbes list of America’s Best-In-State Credit Unions for 2022.

Tips for stronger industry relationships

A spider web, with its intricate structure fanning out from a single connection point, is a beautiful thing. If you’re a business owner, the nexus of your web, is likely the hub of your operation, and every offshoot represents a part of your network.

Tom Yamachika: It’s the economy, mooooo

These days, there are tons and tons of new items keeping our minds occupied – from the Johnny Depp trial to the Jan. 6 hearings to the demise of Roe v. Wade. As our primary and general elections edge ever closer, however, there are a few long-term concepts that we as voters should be top of mind as well.