Hands-on open house: PTA hosts public at base

POHAKULOA TRAINING AREA — Pohakuloa Training Area opened its doors to the public during its annual open house on Thursday. The event entertained more than 500 students and guests of all ages.

Laughter Therapy 04-22-19

Attention all readers — the following words will not be used in today’s column: Mueller, probe, Barr, collusion, exonerate, interference, impeach.

Across the Universe: Setting holidays using the night sky

When CFHT staff visits local students, we often use Easter as an example of a holiday where the date is determined by the sky. The same applies to Passover, the major Jewish spring holiday. The date for Easter in 2019 has caused a bit of confusion.

Legislatively Speaking: 04-15-19

As your state representative, I am responsible for passing laws and the state budget in the Legislature. I am also responsible for keeping track of projects relating to state facilities, like highways and harbors.