My Turn: Kangaroo court bad sign for democracy

Whether you are my neighbor next door, or the President of the United States, our Constitution provides for the right to confront our accusers, to produce evidence of a crime, and never, never, never allow hearsay evidence into a court of law.

My Turn: From this sober Trump supporter

Lloyd Dunn, you state you are a young man, so that being said, you have much to learn. I guess your first lesson is to not argue with a drunk or anyone who has been drinking. Secondly your opinions are a little naive at this point in your life, when it comes to your claim that Trump is disrespecting the law and the press.

Flowers column: Disney+ ruins classics with new trigger warnings

I adored the story of Cinderella as a child. The prospect of having a man so in love with me that he’d criss-cross the kingdom searching for my size 6 ½ foot was heady stuff. It never occurred to me that Cindy was oppressed by the patriarchy or that she should just buy her own darn pair of shoes.

Letters to the editor: 11-14-19

Editor’s note: A My Turn column Tuesday that was critical of Mayor Harry Kim and his administration was authored by Barry Willis, a Kailua-Kona resident. An incorrect name was credited on the published piece.