My Turn: Of course we want this president out

Well, of course many of us were wanting this guy in the White House to be impeached and removed from office. After all, he has been observed and heard doing many many repugnant and unconstitutional acts.

Obenski column: We have so much to celebrate

The interruption in the disruptive impeachment process is certainly welcome at this time of year. Festivals, holidays, parades, and rituals serve to unite people, and take a break from politics.

My Turn: Fake state or fake history?

In regards to the protest on Maunakea, and the claims that the USA illegally annexed Hawaii, and that the State of Hawaii is what we hear so often referred to as a “fake state.”

My Turn: A cat lady remembers

I picked you out of a cardboard box in the Choicemart parking lot. You screamed at me — a strange woman in a white van — all the way home. For the first few months, you kept me up all night, biting my hands and feet. You were a thoroughly nocturnal creature.

My Turn: TMT partners not best example of aloha

The historic importance of high places, mountains and tall buildings is in man’s nature to value as prestigious and important monuments in our lives. Not only for the obvious military strategic value established down through the ages but consider for example a city which will create a very tall building as an expression of success and the importance of those who live there, ie. The Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.