My Turn: Hospital should value nurses more

Like many of the nurses at North Hawaii Community Hospital, I’ve worked hard and dedicated my career to improve my knowledge and skill for my specialty area of nursing. I’ve been a certified obstetrical nurse for 14 years. I have loved working at NHCH for seven years. I enjoy associating with the highly skilled and experienced people I work with. We are a family, and we work together for the best interests of our patients.

My Turn: Cleaning up Kona matter of public will

My wife and I have lived in Kona for 30 years. We have seen it change. Not for the better: No doctors, less public assistance and a huge homeless problem. Who would have ever thought this would come to Kona, the cash cow of the County of Hawaii?

Editorial: 20 years after Columbine, we live under the gun

At about 20 minutes after 11 on the morning of April 20, 1999, students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold pulled semiautomatic firearms and sawed-off shotguns from beneath their black trench coats and, standing on an elevated part of their Columbine High School campus in suburban Denver, began shooting.

My Turn: Some homeless play the charity cycle

The public needs more exposure to stories about the homeless as printed in the April 16 West Hawaii Today paper. For those of us who have dealt with or who presently deal with these types of people, we place them into two categories. One group is homeless due to circumstances beyond their control. The other group is homeless by choice.